Filip Rycharski

The composer, pianist and vocalist- his primary passion

Music has been a part of his life since early childhood. He started his musical education in the piano class in the Music School in Kalisz when he was 7. He took part in the many pianist competitions. He was the most influenced by gospe music which was played often in his home.

Set apart for God and ministry in church. He has been a part of worship ministry since early childhood, first as a drummer, then the pianist and also vocalist. He has spent years on learning about worship and working on his skills which resulted in deeper understanding not only in the area of leading others in the worship but also in the area of following God's presence in the worship.

He has been constantly on the road, learning new things day by day, not only during Sunday service but also in his daily life with God. He is the owner of the stunning stories about God's faithfullness, provision and guidance in his daily life.