Jerzy Rycharski

Senior Pastor of Church in Christ in Kalisz

Jerzy Rycharski cultivates the life of worship. Hours spent in God's presence, heart of a worshipper and determination to find deeper understanding and revelation about God's glory produced a solid fundation for a ministry of worship in Kalisz. His heart is to train, equip, and encourage all generations of people to glorify God and that's what he has been doing for years.

His life is marked forever for God and he serves God, his family, church and Poland with all his heart, preaching and sharing the revelation he receives from Father in Heaven. For years he has been carrying in his heart passion for God's presence, restoration of church and transformation of the country.

The founder of the 24/7 Prayer House in Kalisz, the pioneer of annual international weeks of worship in Israel and Kalisz, the pathfinder of the conferences called: "There is more"

W szkole prowadzi zajęcia na których razem z zespołem muzycznym uczy jak uwielbiać i podążać za Duchem Świętym. Dzieli się również słowem podczas wykładów głównych.